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Household chemicals

After washing with Arau Baby liquid, baby clothes become soft and fluffy even without using conditioner. Thanks to its natural composition and plant extracts, Arau Baby liquid makes baby clothes exceptionally soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch. There is no need to use synthetic conditioners and softeners. Essential oils of lavender and mint will give clothes a pleasant floral aroma. Arau Baby washing liquid is suitable for expectant mothers and people with sensitive skin. The product is easily soluble in water, is completely washed off and does not remain on clothes. After washing, the clothes will not cause allergies. Arau Baby washing liquid is sold in ergonomic packaging that fits comfortably in your hand. The packaging is equipped with a cap with a measuring scale for measuring the required amount of product. Measuring cup. A cup with a convenient measuring scale for measuring the amount of product. Improved ergonomics. Thanks to the new cap design, it has become much more convenient to pour the filler into the bottle...
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