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Changing Dresser With Bath Elly White

Changing Dresser With Bath Elly White - Erbesi
Changing Dresser With Bath Elly White - Erbesi
Changing Dresser With Bath Elly White - Erbesi
Changing Dresser With Bath Elly White - Erbesi
Changing Dresser With Bath Elly White
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Elly Baby Bath in White

Wall material: E1 class chipboard, PVC coverage.

Handles: beech

Color: white

Sizes: length 81 cm, width 49 cm, height 100.5 cm

Manufacturer: Italy, Erbesi

Universal dresser with changing table combines several functions: firstly, it is a baby changing chest, namely cabinet with drawers and changing surface on top opening lid. And, secondly, a baby bath for bathing newborns. The upper surface of the chest of drawers is foldable, and under it is an anatomical bath. Special non-slip bathtubs the surface prevents the baby from sliding down, making bathing easier. The set also includes a soft changing pad a mattress with a waterproof coating that is easy to attach to surface and removable for washing.


  • 3 drawers with guides
  • Integrated anatomical bathtub
  • Removable changing mat
  • Hinged surface
  • Flip-top hinges close smoothly: prevents falls
  • 4 swivel wheels with lock and rubber coating
  • Conforms to the European standard EN 12221-1:2008+A1:2013

Easy to bathe the baby!

The bathtub is equipped with a water drainer, which advantageously distinguishes it from those baths in which our parents bathed us. You won't have a heavy tub full of foam must be carried. The water can be poured into the bucket provided much easier to carry. The bathtub occupies almost the entire interior of the top drawer space. However, the other two drawers are easily accessible: they even moves along the guides: diapers, mats and towels are always at hand. When the child grows and no longer fits in the small bath, just like the changing mattress can be simply removed. And in front of you is an ordinary children's chest of drawers, only very beautiful.

There are recesses along the edges of the bathtub

for soaps, sponges and other necessary things. After finishing bathing, you simply lift the child up, close the dresser lid with one movement and immediately put the child on the changing table. Just reach out and the wide drawer pulls out evenly on the rollers along the guides, opening neatly piles of towels and clothes, creams and powders.

Secure cover

Hinges with which the lid can be folded down with changing mattresses are equipped with special springs that slow down the movement down. This is a precaution in case the cover is accidentally pressed an adult or grabs a child: it will not fall on the bathtub, but will move slowly and evenly. Please note that the chest of drawers is made in accordance with European safety rules for children's furniture: they describe both what is allowed for children's rooms material properties as well as functionality features. It is important that the infant under no circumstances would it get hurt, get stuck, or pull heavy loads on top of itself subjects.

Practical materials

The walls and surface of the chest of drawers are made of thick chipboard of class E1, with low formaldehyde emission. The surface is covered with a PVC layer, which completely blocks the evaporation of harmful substances. Therefore, laminated chipboard is approved by the European safety standard for the production of children's furniture. In addition, the coating makes the chest of drawers resistant to water and moisture. However, please note: if the child manages to peel off the covering from the walls when he grows up, revealing the texture of the chipboard, such furniture can no longer be used.

At least not in living quarters.

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